Monday, 24 September 2018

Morning Show: NPR piece on Chuck Dixon, first look at FEARSOME!

Ethan promises to stop deleting his live-streams, much to the rejoice of his fans and Comicsgate the world over!

The crew break down the recent NPR hit piece by the corrupt MSM on Chuck Dixon and Ethan breaks the news to his fans about his next, upcoming project, Fearsome!

- Video Source, Ethan Van Sciver

Will Captain Marvel be MCU's First Massive Failure?

Will this be the first movie that brings about the end of the MCU empire? Will the SJW controlled project Captain Marvel be a massive failure? Looks like it!

Uncle Ethan breaks it all down.

- Video Source, Ethan Van Sciver


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

There is a Sickness in Comics, There is a Darkness, It has Always Been There

Ya boi Zach reviews HEY KIDS! Comics by Howard Chaykin. He asks the question, is there a sickness in comics? Has it always been there?

- Video Source, Diversity & Comics

Attack of the SJW's! Sesame Street Creator Frank Oz is Swarmed and Overcome, Bert & Ernie Drama!

SJW's have no respect for the creative genius that is Frank Oz. For simply stating the facts over the Bert & Ernie "controversy". Frank Oz has been attacked and harassed by a vicious swarm of blue / pink haired SJW's.

These kids are out of control and out of their minds. Sanity must be restored.

- Video Source, Ethan Van Sciver

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Spectacular Spider-man Answers the Question, What is Comicsgate?

Diversity & Comics, ya boi Zach, examines Spider-man #309 and makes a startling discovery? Are some mainstream comics professionals beginning to see the tide turning? Are they beginning to change their ways?

- Video Source, Diversity & Comics

Dick Masterson of "The Dick Show" on Culture, Faith & Politics!

Let's crack Dick Masterson open and see what makes him tick!

- Source, Doug TenNapel

Deeply Misinformed Frank Cho DENOUNCES The Alt Right, Hate Group, ComicsGate! WAT?!

Comics book professional Cheescake artist, Frank Cho comes out hard and denounces Comicsgate! He will not and cannot stand for these alt right, neo nazi's running freely anymore!

Obviously, someone has deeply misinformed him, and he has no idea what he is talking about, but that won't stop him!

- Video Source, Ethan Van Sciver

Monday, 17 September 2018

Gail Simone VS Comicsgate... You Know. Some More

Comic book "professional" Gail Simone sets her sights on Comicsgate once again and the focus is red hot! Will Uncle Ethan buckle under the pressure, this time?

He recounts his horror stories of working with her in the past, and how she failed to deliver time and time again. Looks like some thing never change.

- Video Source, Ethan Van Sciver

Ethan Van Sciver's RANT on Patton Oswalt VS ComicsGate!

Enough is enough and Uncle Ethan isn't taking anymore lip. The belt is off!

- Video Source, ComicArtistPro Secrets

Debunking Ranked's Sexist Moments in Comics List

*Facepalm*. Here we go again...

The SJW's can't help themselves. They have become the old evangelical bible thumpers of the past.

They will not stop until they destroy everything that once made comics books entertaining and good.

Luckily, Comicsgate is here to save the industry from itself.

- Video Source, Yellow Flash

"Denouncing Comicsgate" Means Denouncing Good Comics Made By Professional Creators

Suddenly "professional" comic professionals are coming out of the wood works to denounce anything and everything related to Comicsgate, regardless of what it is, or the repercussions that come along with it.

They are feeling pressured to do so, and are scared of what will happen if they do not. They fear the few, while the many continue to flood towards Comicsgate and the growing movement.

You can smell the fear.

- Video Source, Diversity & Comics

Comicsgate Wins Because We Believe In Forgiveness, Redemption and We Reward Merit

The SJW's never forgive, they never forget and most of all they don't truly care anyway. Meanwhile, the right, and Comicsgate in general believe in hard work, capitalism and are handsomely rewarded for it.

The tide is turning and the industry is being reshapes, the power is shifting back to the customs and things will never be the same.

- Video Source, Diversity & Comics

Lady Alchemy Joins Comicsgate!

Lady Alchemy, after being pushed out of her industry by out of control SJW control freaks, joins the ranks of Comicsgate and showcases her amazing new project! The diversity is real.

- Video Source, EVS

SJW Artist and Anti Comicsgater Robbi Rodriguez HATES Comicsgate and Proves it!

Things just got weird. Robbi Rodriguez proves just how low these "people" will go. The hate is real.

- Source, Comicsgate Live

Comicsgate Live: Vox Day Attempts to Take Over Comicsgate!

Ethan Van Sciver and the Comicsgate crew discuss the ongoing news about how Vox Day is attempting to infiltrate and take over Comicsgate via copyright and trademark, will this be allowed to stand? Ceasar says no.

- Video Source, Ethan Van Sciver